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Stellan Skarsgard Returns For ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’
Dr. Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) reveals his Marvel Studios contract length and hints at his role in ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

Skarsgård:  “[U]sually they call [Selvig] in if they need something explained. There’s a lot of explanations to do when it comes to that universe.”

REALLY, Marvel??

You know, I am trying to exercise a lot of forbearance, trying to be fair to all the other characters you have going, think in terms of the needs of the particular story, and to give you the benefit of the doubt.  I believed that the Age of Ultron story did not call for someone like Foster and saw greater potential for her work to be salient to the Thanos story, presumably to be the core of Avengers3. 

But it would seem that the story has need of someone with Foster’s kind of knowledge.  She was the subject matter expert in Thor1, and she was pushed aside in Avengers1.  Because of that, Selvig apparently now is your go-to character for explaining cosmic-scale MCU physics.

If that’s what happening, it is wrong and unfair.  This character deserves better.  Your audience deserves better.

To be fair, Natalie Portman doesn’t want to play Jane Foster. The only reason she returned to Thor 2 was because of Marvel “forcing” her contract on her.

Natalie Portman was the one responsible for a lot (if not all) of the elements we know and love about Jane Foster.  So I am skeptical that she doesn’t want to play the character.

Her purported reluctance to return to Thor2 has been widely commented on.  I have yet to see a direct source though.  That makes me think any reluctance on her part is exaggerated.

She originally was contracted to do three Thor pictures, btw.

Even if there is some logistical reason or another why they can’t make it work for Portman to appear, they still could reference Foster to a greater extent, more commensurate with the importance of her work.  But the writers don’t even do that.  That, I think, is telling.

I have not seen a single source stating that Ms Portman wanted to stop making Marvel movies. The only reasons I have heard - again, without sources - were that
a) she was disappointed when a director she had favoured for “The Dark World” left because of “creative differences”
b) she wanted more time with her newborn son

Both reasons would not apply to a recent film. Furthermore, as fostertheory mentioned, Ms Portman pretty much shaped the character of Jane Foster as we see her on screen today, which indicates that she was interested enough to sign on for a project that wasn’t even fully developed back then, and had enough faith to either sign on for several movies, or felt connected enough to do another one after the first, both cases of which once more point at her interest in the franchise.

I don’t know how much Marvel pays her or Mr Skarsgård, so maybe there is a financial aspect involved, but personally I’ve been sceptical whether the studios would ever see Jane Foster as a plot-driving character instead of a mere love interest again. We deal with storylines that involve scientists, we have a scientist and we see her being brilliant in her work, but instead a dude who before “Avengers” didn’t touch so much as a pocket calculator on screen gets to do the work she’d be amazing with in these movies. I also see a lot of backpeddling on a possible Black-Widow-movie (or any other female character Marvel has been successful with) simultaneously, and I draw my conclusions.


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Jane Headcanons (was going to post these for Fosterson week but tumblr ate the post!)


  • Jane Foster is both bisexual and on the autistic spectrum.
  • She is culturally Jewish i.e. her parents are both Jewish but raised her as agnostic/atheist.
  • She likes to tell Thor about some of her traditions like how for each night of Hanukkah she and her parents would watch an episode of Cosmos instead of giving out presents.
  • She suffers from anxiety, but keeps it in check by having a little book full of equations to help her calm down.
  • She draws equations and complex mathematical shapes in the same way other people doodle.
  • She likes to listen to trip-hop and acid jazz to help her concentrate and calm down.
  • She also forgets to eat (which triggers her attacks), especially when she’s buried in her work- so Thor has to remind her to eat something substantial on a fairly regular basis.
  • She has a top ten list of her favourite nebulae.
  • She was a child prodigy, but had to struggle in High School because of bullying and the death of her father.
  • She was simultaneously bored and anxious throughout most of school.
  • Was head of her college Astronomy Society
  • Her favourite authors are Arthur C Clarke, H.P Lovecraft, Issac Asimov, Ursula K Le Guin and Terry Pratchett (his science fiction - though becomes more of a fan of the Discworld series after spending time with Thor!)
  • Her favourite movie is Silent Running.

In regards to Thor:

  • She read a lot of comics as a teenager and cannot believe that she is actually doinking a guy with THAT build.
  • Draws on him with a dry-wipe pen and he doesn’t mind AT all!
  • Has a thing for his arms because, HOLY SHIT HIS ARMS GUYS.
  • Likes to sit on the counter to kiss him.
  • Loves his voice- especially when he says her name.
  • When Thor first returned he was in a pretty bad place after his mother AND brother were both killed- so she just held him in the night and let him cry it out. He still has nightmares sometimes.

Oh whatever, I usually don’t post headcanons (headcanons are facts about characters etc. in movies, books and whatnot which do not get shown that way, but which fans assume to be facts just for themselves - hence the term “canon”), but these were too cute to pass.



Deleted Scene 5

Two things I love about this:

a) that Loki has absolutely no doubt that even handcuffed he can get that dagger through the guard’s back at twenty yards, and

b) the totally whiny ten-year-old “But I WANT to! You suck!” expression when Thor says he’s not allowed to kill anyone.

Not to mention c) the look on Thor’s face when he’s plucking the dagger from Loki’s recalcitrant hands, no, Loki, we said no killing, don’t go murdering the staff again, I swear if Mother were still alive I would so tell her. He’s not even mad. Loki is so predictable, you wonder how he got that reputation of being a mastermind, he’s basically a two-year-old in a permanent temper tantrum, probably because someone tried to give him a haircut.

Also, he totally pouted as a child.

*peeks up* Did someone mention giving Loki a haircut? *snip snip*

Loki got that reputation for being very studied, but not necessarily clever. That’s two things. He has a lot of knowledge, but his brother is much better and much faster at applying what he knows to immediate situations. Loki can’t see a church by daylight, if you’ll excuse that poor Will obviously did not write about alien churches.

(Source: inlovewithacriminals)

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